Hmmm. . . that's Interesting

Timothy S. Avery, Scott Valley Bank's President/CEO

It is my pleasure to write this lead article for the first edition of the new Scott Valley Bank e-newsletter. It is our intention to provide this e-publication to the individuals in the business communities Scott Valley Bank serves and to provide meaningful information, applicable and valuable to the small-to-mid-sized business owner, operator or manager. We recognize that you receive many such publications that purport to do the same and we accept the challenge of producing an electronic publication that will provide efficiently-delivered information worthy of the expenditure of your increasingly precious time. Our primary objective is to provide this information as an added-value component to your ongoing relationship with Scott Valley Bank.

We will be relying on some of our best internal resources to produce a portion of the content for each edition of the newsletter. As you are aware, a very important part of our banking business model is the commitment to a very high-touch and thorough understanding of our business clients and their respective business model(s). In conjunction with the inherent vantage point afforded a bank, which provides bank management with the opportunity to view the inner workings of businesses in virtually all industries, we continue to believe that this “deep dive” business philosophy further enhances our ability to bring added value to our network of clients, referral sources and prospective business customers. It is this belief that has fostered the concept of having members of Scott Valley Bank’s senior management group provide many of the articles you will see in this publication. Therein, they will combine their professional experiences and expertise to relay informed discussion on topics that we believe apply to most small-to-mid-sized businesses.

Some of the topics that you can anticipate reading about will include informed marketing, technology and communication related writings. Landlord-tenant and real estate sales and acquisition information are also likely topics. We will attempt to limit information relative to the banking industry, unless we feel it is information that will cause the reader to understand issues pertinent to your own banking relationship. Topics dealing with Federal and State regulation related to required changes to products or services in the banking industry may also be presented. Accordingly, at the rate and magnitude at which our government is legislating change in the financial services industry sector, you may find it interesting to hear about changes that could directly affect your business.

For our internal authors, I have challenged each of them to draft their articles in such a way that our readers will, at a minimum, take pause and say “Hmm, that’s interesting.” or “I hadn’t thought of that.” when their submission is read.

Not all of the content, however, will be provided by Scott Valley Bank authors. We will also be providing informative content in the form of authorized reproductions of articles we find to meet the same objective(s) we have placed upon ourselves. Additionally we will have a handful of fixed resource links, aimed at providing easy access to other business information such as the stock market, interest rates, and a handful of government agencies that we feel are designed to assist small business, which you should have seen immediately adjacent to the lead-in paragraph to this article.

We have attempted to fashion the presentation in such a manner that you may navigate directly from the body of the e-mail received or move immediately to a web-based version for navigation in your browser environment. We will notify you each time you make a selection that will take you outside of the controlled Scott Valley Bank hosted environment, but all links will be one that have been tested and believed to be secure and trusted web content/sites.

We intend to produce only six editions per year, on a bi-monthly basis. All articles will be presented in a format that leads into the writing with a heading and a “teaser” paragraph, followed by a link to “Read More”, as you see in similar e-publications. This is intended to provide you with enough information to determine whether that particular article holds subject matter of interest for you or is perhaps a topic for which you feel you could do without reading.

Each edition will provide CAN SPAM compliant links, allowing you to “Unsubscribe” at any time and cease receiving the publication, but we obviously are hoping that will not be the case.

I hope you are pleased with this resource and find this publication informative and helpful. We welcome any feedback you may have regarding its content, delivery or navigation.

Thank you for your relationship with Scott Valley Bank.

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