Scott Valley Bank is looking for bankers . . . and we are happy to receive your referrals.

Banking has certainly changed since Scott Valley Bank was founded in 1858. We’re proud that we’ve successfully embraced these changes through economic cycles and maintained our high-touch banking. While some banks have simply gone away during the recession, Scott Valley Bank has continued its strong growth trajectory.

Since we are continuing on our growth trajectory, we’re specifically looking to add to our team of  relationship bankers in the Greater Bay Area. If you know of a banker ready to explore a change who you believe will fit in with the standards, work ethic and caliber of our existing team, a referral would be greatly appreciated.

We offer a well-supported work environment, autonomy supported by an open door to senior management when needed, and prompt, locally-made loan decisions. We value the team members who contribute to our success and we are committed to continuing to operate in the spirit of true community banking.

If you know of someone who would like to explore joining our Bay Area team of Relationship Bankers dedicated to empowering businesses, please let me know.

Chris Morin
EVP / Bay Area Regional Director - Commercial Banking
[email protected]
Ph: 408-573-7710 


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