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Scott Valley Bank Online Banking Secure Sign-On
with Multi-Factor Identity Authentication

Ensuring that your personal information remains confidential is important to you and to us. Every time you sign on to SVB Online Banking services, Scott Valley Bank provides the strongest login security technology available to safeguard your privacy, and ensure your confidence in us.

When you sign-on to SVB Online Banking from our web site, you connect directly with the SVB Online Banking Sign-on Page with 128 bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology.

Multi-Factor Identity Authentication provides the strongest login security available.  To further ensure your privacy and the security of your personal information we use the most innovative and easy-to-use login security available - - two-factor, two-way authentication. This allows us to identify you AND also provides a way for you to verify that you are on the authentic Scott Valley Bank site BEFORE you enter your password.

·         Two-factor Authentication:  Two-factor refers to your password and your computer. Your computer and your password are both electronically recognized by us before you are allowed to complete your login.

o        Two-factor authentication protects you against fraudulent use of your password.  Even if your password is somehow obtained, another party cannot successfully login without access to your registered computer(s). 

Should you need to login from other computers, you will be asked your Personalized Challenge Questions to confirm your identity.

·         Two-way Authentication:  While two-factor authentication confirms your identify to us, two-way authentication proves our web site’s identity to you.  A personalized, Picture and Phrase authentication system that you control provides you with a secure access confirmation, unique to you, whenever you login before you enter your password.

Secure Session Verification:  When you are within the pages of SVB Online Banking, you can verify that your session is secure by checking the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) in your Web browser. A secure site is indicated by the letter “s” (for secure) following http. The URL will begin https://

If you have questions, please write to info@scottvalleybank.com
Thank you for choosing Scott Valley Bank!

Updated 6/26/07

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