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Commercial Real Estate Cash Flow and Valuation
By Dan Taylor, Executive Vice President Scott Valley Bank, Northern Region
In these trying economic times of reducing lease/rent rates and increasing operating costs, understanding the accuracy of your Net Operating Income (NOI) is imperative.  The primary reason is that the NOI drives the value of your property.  My point in this article is to not go into the minutia, but to give a simplified and general overview of NOI and how it drives the valuation of your property.
New Law Aims to Cut Abuse in Disability Access Lawsuits
By Steven J. Cramer, Partner at Wendell, Rosen, Black & Dean, LLP
Most business and commercial property owners have had at least one brush with a disability access lawsuit. Because a defendant in these lawsuits must pay a successful plaintiff’s attorneys’ fees, the lawsuits are often resolved quickly. The event is seldom satisfying for the business owner.  To address certain shortcomings in the existing law, Senate Bill 1186 was recently adopted and became law. Read More...
Teaming Up for Customer Service
By Wim-Kees van Hout, Senior Vice President Scott Valley Bank, Oakland office
If you are a business owner or manager, it is obvious to you who the customer is: it is whoever purchases your goods or services. Is it as obvious to all your employees?  Do THEY know who their customer is and understand the customers’ needs? You may be surprised to learn that not everyone in your organization thinks in the same way that you do about customers and providing customer service: you may find the principles outlined in this story helpful.
Higher Education Costs: Qualified Tuition Programs (Section 529 Programs)
Article contributed by Johnston, Gremaux & Rossi, LLP
The goal is to prepare to meet higher education expenses without incurring taxable growth on the investment. Those years between birth and college blaze by, astonishing parents and confirming what grandparents have already learned – that there is no time better than now to prepare for education expenses. If educating a younger generation is your responsibility, we’re pleased to present this information on one of your options.

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