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Sound Management and Hard Work Lead Banks and Businesses Out of Recession
By Steve Studer, EVP/Chief Credit Officer, Scott Valley Bank
The recovery from the great recession continues and we see evidence of progress in much of our client base, despite significant headwinds. Revenues have stabilized, earnings are generally trending positive and more businesses are experiencing some expansion. Along with consumer and small business progress, banks in general are seeing new capitalizations, fewer loan losses, and earnings now in positive territory and growing. Despite these positive signs, however, progress has been slow. The economy once again slowed in the second quarter, and the snap back in economic activity we much expected from the depth of the recession has been microscopic. During these continued strenuous times, the common element present in most of the success stories is management.
How to Use Asset-Based Loans to Take Advantage of Arising Opportunities
By Chris Morin, EVP / Bay Area Regional Director of Commercial Banking, Scott Valley Bank 
Starting a business or managing a business during a rapid growth stage can be challenging. The business lives or dies based on the business owners access to capital or the ability to obtain proper financing. The economy in the last few years has forced many businesses from many industries to consider alternate financing structures such as asset-based financing to get a company started or to the next level.
Foreign Wires Heres how to wrangle the complexities!
By Kristi Von Tickner, VP/Financial Services Manager, Scott Valley Bank
Sending foreign wire transfers can be a complicated and sometimes confusing task. Encapsulated here is a is a breakdown of the terms, rules and requirements for currency payments to foreign countries. The information focuses on the top questions regarding foreign wire payments.
Equipment Leasing: Buyer Beware
By Dick Leask, President, Belvedere Equipment Finance
Equipment leases are readily available, simple and fast. Most equipment vendors offer leasing, as do many independent leasing companies. It all sounds good; the problem is that it can be very expensive. Equipment finance doesnt have to be expensive. Awareness of the potential pitfalls and advance planning can save you a lot of money.

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