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June is Elder Abuse Awareness month.  It is indeed sad that a month is needed to raise awareness of a trend of neglect and emotional, physical, and financial abuse of our nation's elders. Scott Valley Bank's VP/Compliance Officer, Gaylene Schweitzer has contributed an article on the topic in this issue. The story is based on a true incident, now resolved. Please read it, and when you see folks wearing purple ribbons this month, you'll understand why. For more on the topic, and what you can do, visit the website of the National Coalition for Prevention of Elder Abuse at Prevent Elder Abuse or inquire in your own community. 

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What can YOU do about Financial Elder Abuse?

By Gaylene Schweitzer, Vice President/Compliance Officer - Scott Valley Bank
The purple ribbon makes its annual debut each June when the world comes together to focus attention on elder abuse awareness. The purple ribbon also represents a call to action and challenges each of us to learn to recognize the signs of elder abuse and to join in the fight to prevent it.

Unlike many of the awareness ribbons that represent causes that have touched lives, the color purple represents a cause that can touch us all. We each bear a moral, social and now banks bear an additional legal obligation to be prepared to meet the needs and challenges these individuals will face as they grow older. It is only through greater awareness that we can learn to recognize and stop elder abuse and it is only through greater compassion that we can make a difference in the lives of its victims. 

Maximizing your charitable deductions with appreciated stock
By Christopher N. Schneider, Attorney at Law -  Dorband & Schneider, LLP 
We'd like to ensure that you were aware of the substantial tax benefit of donating appreciated stock directly to a charitable organization.  Donating appreciated stock directly yields a greater current tax year benefit and results in larger tax savings. 
Digital Wallets . . . Can I get one that matches my shoes?
By Daniel Northway, Executive Vice President / Chief Financial Officer, Scott Valley Bank
Lately, I've read several news items about digital wallets and mobile payments developments.  I'll admit that I may be more attuned to this topic than most, but even a casual observer probably has noticed the recent surge in articles about new ways to pay for goods or services with your phone.
Have you heard this before?
by Mary Scala, Vice President, Human Resources Director, Scott Valley Bank
I'm not the gambling type, but I would bet that sometime during your career you've discussed sub-par performance of an employee with your Human Resources Department and they've replied: "Have you documented that?"  And, I'd bet double or nothing that you've said, at least once: "No, but they know they're making too many mistakes."
Part Two: Thought about a continuation plan for your business?
By Jerry Vanderzanden, CLU, ChFC, Coastal Financial Partners Group, LLC
In the April 2012 edition of The Vault, Jerry Vanderzanden provided Part One of his article on business continuation planning.  In this issue he provides a Business Continuation Questionnaire for you to use as a workbook on this topic.

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