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April is Community Banking Month, and Scott Valley Bank joins other members of the Independent Community Bankers of America (ICBA) in celebration of the vital role that the nationís nearly 7,000 community banks serve in the economic, civic and cultural life of their communities in cities and towns throughout America.  Here at Scott Valley Bank, we truly believe community banks make a difference.   We thank you for celebrating that difference with us.

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Paying it Forward - Dr. Robert Sheffield and Smiles for a Lifetime
By Bob Kouba, Vice-President / Relationship Banker - Scott Valley Bank, Walnut Creek  
At Scott Valley Bank, we embrace the philosophy of Ďpaying it forwardí. We believe in making a difference in our communities, even when that means making things happen in quiet ways.
Not Another Acronym! But this is important end of life care information . . .
This article republished with permission from Mosaic Financial Partners, a Wealth Advisory Firm   
Whether aging or ill ourselves, or serving as advocate for our aging or ill loved one, it is important to stay abreast of what can be stipulated regarding health care.  A POLST  (Physicians Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment) is designed to instruct emergency personnel on what actions to take (or not take) while you're still at home or on the way to the hospital. Read More...
Thought about a continuation plan for your business?
By Jerry Vanderzanden, CLU, ChFC, Coastal Financial Partners Group, LLC
Have you considered the impact your death or disability could have on the value of your business, and on the stream of income upon which you and your family depend? Eventually every business owner will leave the business that he or she created - either by selling the business or as a result of death, disability or retirement. As a result, business continuation planning is about taking control of something that is inevitable. Without advance planning, others may control the process. With advance planning, a business owner has the opportunity to realize the maximum value of the business, develop an appropriate tax strategy, leave the business in the hands of chosen successors and avoid the family and business turmoil that can result from a lack of planning.
by Rick Wise, EVP/Relationship Banking, Scott Valley Bank, Walnut Creek office
I must admit, like many basketball fans, I have a case of ďLinsanity.Ē  I know this spring I should have been focused on March Madness.  I much prefer the spirit, teamwork, and fundamentals of college basketball to the National Basketball Association.  But, the Jeremy Lin story is so compelling that I have been caught up in it.  Iím sorry he is injured, but, it is a great story with lessons for all of us.
Living the American dream . . .
By Wim-Kees van Hout, Senior Vice President, Scott Valley Bank, Oakland office
Scott Valley Bankís long-term client, Kal Krishnan Consulting Services (KKCS), is celebrating its 25th anniversary this month, having successfully negotiated growth, economic cycles, the vagaries of public works contracts (remember Californiaís IOUís?) and changing regulations.
What's your story?
by Val Jereb, VP/Marketing Director, Scott Valley Bank 
Usually, I love finding multiple streams of information in one place; information comes at a stupendous pace. Attributed to the shift in information delivery, it is said that average attention spans are getting shorter (ergo the trend toward 10 and 15 second television commercials) . . . Like me, do you ever want to close your eyes and take a break from the constant barrage of information?

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