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Can you spot counterfeit notes? New website trains cash handlers to spot fake bills
By Kristi Von TicknerVice President / Financial Services ManagerScott Valley Bank
Those of us in the cash handling business are very familiar with the unique characteristics of all the various currency denominations and we have learned to distinguish a legitimate note from a counterfeit note. Over the years, each note has been uniquely upgraded to deter counterfeiters, but distinguishing between the two can still be somewhat difficult if one doesnít know what to look for in the design of each note.
Are bad email habits harming your career?
By Heather DoddsMarketing Communications SpecialistScott Valley Bank
Research suggests that the average U.S. employee sends and receives a whopping 105 emails daily. Thatís a lot of messages to sort through! Itís also a lot of chances to make an electronic faux pas in front of supervisors, colleagues, and clients. If you want to impress your business associates and take your career to the next level, youíll need impeccable email etiquette. 
Are we ever really alone?
By Bill HadenMarket PresidentScott Valley Bank
I find it rejuvenating to hit the trail and lose myself hiking in the wilderness. Thereís something about the self sufficiency of carrying a heavy pack and relying on your own knowledge and common sense. The wild always throws you a few curves. It might be weather, trail conditions, a snoring companion, or smoke from an occasional wild fire. It is fun and refreshing to be alone in the woods and very different from my normal daily life.
Nonprofit Feature: The Festival Opera Association
Scott Valley Bank is honored to provide support to community nonprofits. Periodically in this e-publication we will share a feature article about one of these nonprofits to increase awareness of their work. As Scott Valley Bankís Walnut Creek branch recently sponsored two cultural chamber operas in Oakland put on by the Festival Opera Association, we would like to tell you more about this Bay Area arts-focused nonprofit. Read More...

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