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Are you ready for AB 1522?
by Mary Scala, VP/Human Resources Manager, Scott Valley Bank
Ready or not, it has come. AB 1522, aka: Healthy Workplace Healthy Families Act of 2014, commonly referred to as paid sick leave has taken effect July 1, 2015. Unless you are an employer whose employees are covered by a valid collective bargaining agreement which provides for paid sick days, or employ in-home support services employees, or whose employees are airline flight deck or cabin crew who have equivalent benefits, this law requires that you provide paid sick leave to your employees.
Pitfalls of Selling Real Estate without a Realtor in California
by David J. Collier, Attorney at Law
When is it safe to sell your California real estate without a realtor? For example, your longtime renter might approach you about buying the rental. Or, a business associate, acquaintance, or friend might offer to purchase your land or commercial building. You might be tempted skip the realtor's office and head straight to the escrow office, cash in hand. Wouldn't you be saving the typical 5-10% sales commission, perhaps worth tens of thousands of dollars? But, "seller beware!" There are risks to selling your California real estate without representation.
Cash Manager Services - What does that mean for your business?
by Deirdre Elliott, AVP/Electronic Banking Officer, Scott Valley Bank
Can your business benefit from an increase in security and time saved, improved levels of control, and assistance with overall efficiency? Digital banking can provide all of these along with greater acceptance by the digitally-savvy employee of the future. So, how will you allow digital banking to help you?

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