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How to build a successful marketing program if you are a Challenger Brand
by John Gumas, President / Gumas Advertising - Every industry is loaded with Challenger Brands that are trying to compete directly against larger, financially stronger and more established brands. Many of these Challenger Brands have superior products, provide exceptional solutions and offer a more cost effective alternative than their larger competitors. But at the end of the day, if a Challenger Brand can't get their message in front of the right target audience in a way that is credible and believable, chances are they will fail. Read More...
What is a Millennial and why are they important to your business?
By Steve Studer, EVP / Chief Credit Officer, Scott Valley Bank - The Millennial generation is coming of age, entering the workplace and market place, and will drive consumption spending, investment, and jobs in the years to come. As the Millennial generation is reported to be the largest in history, we as business people had better figure them out and adapt our approaches and product offerings to be relevant providers of goods and services to them in the future. Read More...
Why should you care about Loan Covenants and Financial Ratios?
by Dan Taylor, EVP Scott Valley Bank, Northern Region - As a business owner, your goals and objectives are the same as those of your bank: for your business to be profitable and sustainable allowing you to take care of your family/personal needs, prepare for retirement and to meet the banks goal of wanting to be repaid as agreed. To help ensure these goals are met, let's address the importance of loan covenants and financial ratios.  Read More...

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