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Cash Flow is King
by Dan Taylor, Executive Vice President, Scott Valley Bank Northern Region
To me it nearly seems like yesterday, but it was thirty years ago that I sat in a college finance class. I recall one lecture Iíd like to share with you. All four chalkboards were covered with various equations and cash flow calculations. Just prior to ending the class, the professor stopped, made sure he had everyoneís attention, and erased the middle section of the chalkboard. In that blank spot he wrote a message and proceeded to walk out without another word. What did he write? ďPromise me anything, but give me cash!Ē  Read More...
A Cautionary Tale
by John Sparks, SVP/Branch Services Administrator
Have you reviewed internal controls regulating account access at your business recently? There is never a better time than the first of the year. One area in particular that comes to mind, and crosses my desk several times per year, concerns forged and unauthorized checks at the hands of employees. Normally the situation involves more than one check and runs over a period of time. This situation occurs so often in the banking industry that it has its own set of guidelines, referred to as the ďRepeater RuleĒ. This is worth knowing more about. Read More...
Identity Theft Awareness - Protect Yourself
by Jeff Miles, VP/Information Services Manager
What is identity theft and how can you protect yourself? Awareness of your surroundings coupled with the incorporation of these simple steps into your routine can greatly reduce your risk of identity theft. Read More...
America Saves Week - Feb. 19 - 26, 2012
Is there someone in your life who could use some advice, motivation or inspiration to get in the savings habit? Establishing and maintaining a healthy safety net and saving for retirement are worthy and critical goals. Not everyone knows how to get started.

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