Happy Holidays!

Developing Business Leaders in a New World
by Amanda Avery, Senior Vice President / Senior Credit Administrator, Scott Valley Bank
During the recession, American business faced many difficult choices, and out of necessity we found ourselves stepping further away from the long-term plan to focus on a more urgent need: survival. Much like ER doctors and triage nurses, we focused on the most immediately impactful initiatives, leaving the rest to be dealt with later. Now, as we wipe the blurriness out of our eyes, we find ourselves standing in a pile of long since neglected strategies, visions, and goals. And as we catch a glimpse of the future, perhaps more clearly than we've been able to picture it for several years now, there are many of us that find ourselves asking "Who is going to take us there?" Read More...
Add to your resolutions: review financial planning and make changes where necessary
by Gaylene Schweitzer, Vice President / Compliance Officer, Scott Valley Bank
The top ten New Year's resolutions for 2014 included losing weight, volunteering to help others, quit smoking, further education, find a better job, save money, improve fitness, eat healthy food, manage stress, manage debt, take a trip, recycle and to drink less alcohol. Resolving to review personal financial, retirement, tax, estate and business continuity planning objectives to make sure our affairs are in order did not merit an entry on the list.
It's always the time to be alert about fraud
by Kevin Louie, Senior Vice President / Commercial Banking Group Manager, Scott Valley Bank
Maybe it's the season, but I've received several suspicious emails recently. You know the kind: emails so irregular and oddly phrased that they could be nothing but attempts at one sort of fraud or another. Unfortunately, there are organizations and people out there who continually find ways to scam companies and consumers. Let's talk about some of the ways this can happen.

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