"Vision without action is a daydream.
Action without vision is a nightmare." - Japanese proverb

January 23, 1957:  Inventor Walter F. Morrison sold the rights to the Frisbee to the Wham-O Company.

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Make the first of each year the time to review your company's performance
by Dan Taylor - EVP / Northern Region, Scott Valley Bank
"If you don't know where you are going, you might wind up someplace else".    Yogi Berra
Many years ago, when reviewing a company's trends, the client said to me, ". . . sales are strong, so that equates to profits". What our review revealed was another story altogether which, left uncorrected could have had a less fortunate outcome. After all, the basic key to financial management of your company is continuous analysis of your financial statements. . .
Financing capital expenditures
by Wim-Kees van Hout - SVP / Relationship Banker, Scott Valley Bank
As the economy continues its (mostly) gradual recovery, more and more business owners are looking at replacing old or investing in completely new machinery.  Since many business owners have deferred such capital expenditures until the clouds over the economic landscape lifted somewhat, there is a palpable increase in equipment and machinery purchases over the past 12 months, which appears likely to continue.  What is the best way for you as a business owner to cover the cost of such capital expenditure? Read More...
Some rules to write (your checks) by
by John Sparks - SVP / Branch Services Administrator, Scott Valley Bank
When you write a check, you clearly have in mind the intended recipient/s of your funds. Ensure that your intentions are clear to your bank by following a few simple rules as to how to designate the payees.
Family Paths - a non-profit client feature
Scott Valley Bank is honored to provide banking services to many fine non-profit entities throughout its various regions. Periodically in this e-publication we will share a feature article about one of them to increase awareness of their work.  Alameda County-based Family Paths offers needed help to low-income children and their families in a traumatized community. Its mission statement is simple: Family Paths strengthens family relationships by providing mental health treatment and supportive services with respect, integrity, compassion, and hope. What they accomplish is so much more. Read More...

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