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Effectively Managing Working Capital
by Chris Morin, Senior Vice President, Scott Valley Bank
Working capital management is vital to running a successful company and should always be at the top of the list for any businessís management team. The challenging last few years has forced many companies to get back to the basics of generating cash to meet the many day-to-day financial obligations. The effective management of working capital is understanding what it is, the primary components involved, and then implementing policies and tracking to ensure sight is never lost again. Read More...
Debit or Credit - What's the Difference?
by Daniel A. Northway, Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, Scott Valley Bank
Recently, an email sent by a customer to our ďinfoĒ mailbox via the Scott Valley Bank website was forwarded to me for a reply. Our customer had been reading the news about Bank of Americaís $5 monthly debit card fee and wondered if we were going to follow their lead. Read More...
Savings Bonds and the Web
by Kristi Von Tickner, VP/Financial Services Manager, Scott Valley Bank
Financial Institution involvement in the over-the-counter sales of United States savings bonds is coming full circle beginning January 1, 2012. That date marks the end of Financial Institution involvement in assisting the public with purchasing savings bonds. It does not mark the end of savings bond sales, but rather a new approach as to how they can be purchased.
11 Top Financial Planning Tips for the Rest of 2011
How are you faring financially so far in 2011? Now is a good time to assess your situation and consider changes.  Consider these 11 tips, presented by Mosaic Financial Partners, Inc. Read More...
Featuring Momentum for Mental Health - a Non-Profit Client
Scott Valley Bank is honored to provide banking services to many fine non-profit entities throughout its various regions. Periodically in this e-publication we will share a feature article about one of them to increase awareness of their work. As October 2 Ė 8 was Mental Illness Awareness Week, Santa Clara County-based Momentum for Mental Health is featured in this edition.  Read More...

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