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Economic Survival Kit
by Steve Studer, EVP/Chief Credit Officer, Scott Valley Bank
Can anyone remember a recession as significant in magnitude or duration as the one we have endured the last 3 years? At this point in the great recession, most of us believed we would be experiencing a much more robust recovery than what 2011 has been delivering. The momentum of the recovery stumbled during Q2 this year and will continue on a much slower pace than in many prior recessions. Many, if not most, of our clients have suffered revenue and earnings setbacks during this recession. Yet, Scott Valley Bank is fortunate to have not suffered as significant financial stress as many of our counterparts in other banks, thanks in large part to the resiliency and management strategies exercised by many of our clients. However, we are all in the collective mind of “we have had enough already”. Unfortunately, it is looking like more rough road ahead before hitting smooth pavement. Read More...
I bet you didn't know . . .
by Timothy S. Avery, President & CEO, Scott Valley Bank
I can still remember vividly the fall of 2008, when the financial “meltdown” was occurring in our country and around the world. Professionals throughout the financial services industry were wondering if "Financial Armageddon" was upon us and it seemed everyone had a strong opinion about the steps taken by our government to provide support at every corner.
Why Include an Environmental Assessment in the Due Diligence Process?
by Holly Neber, REA President, AEI Consultants
Opportunity and risk abound in today’s distressed-asset marketplace.  As these assets become available, property investors often make decisions quickly and with limited due diligence.  Although many investors are gaining confidence in the valuation of these assets, they also should consider the potential risks that could affect the exit value, the cost to maintain or the cost to manage.  Read More...
To Tweet or Not to Tweet - Should Human Resources use Social Media during the Hiring Process?
by Mary Scala, VP Human Resources, Scott Valley Bank
Ask any Human Resources professional in California what they think about using Social Media websites to perform background checks of qualified candidates and they’ll probably run out of the room screaming. As the watchdog of employment practices, HR tends to be a bit conservative when it comes to TMI (too much information). We’ve been duly trained that ignorance truly is bliss and if you “see no evil and hear no evil”, well then, you have no risk.  This mindset couldn’t be further from the truth. When selecting employees to represent your company and take care of your clients, you should see potential employees as they really are. Read More...

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