Welcome to The Vault  - In addition to articles from Scott Valley Bank, we are pleased to feature two generously provided guest author articles in this edition of The Vault. Terry Church, Principal, Business and Technology Group, Morgan Miller Blair, a Law Corporation, in Walnut Creek shares information on intellectual property. And, from our newest market area, Medford, Oregon, John Hanson, JD of John R. Hanson, Kenneth M. Sharp, Attorneys at Law provides an overview on the topic of estate planning.

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We are pleased to announce: Scott Valley Bank has opened a branch in Medford, Oregon
Medford, Oregon is home to a new business-focused bank, Scott Valley Bank Business Banking Group. Timothy S. Avery, President/CEO of Scott Valley Bank, recently announced plans for the Northern California-based Bank’s expansion and conversion of its 10-year old Medford Commercial Loan Center into a full-service branch banking office. The new office is part of the Bank’s Northern Region which extends from Redding, California to Southern Oregon and is under the supervision of Executive Vice President Dan Taylor. Read More...
Remote Deposit Capture: Is it for you?
By Chris Kilian, Vice President / Compliance Scott Valley Bank
Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) is one of the more significant developments in the banking industry in recent years. The basic feature of this service allows a user to scan checks and transmit the scanned image electronically to the bank for posting and clearing. The obvious benefits of this service include convenience, more efficient deposit availability, and a significant reduction in transportation costs and associated risk. It is a service any company that regularly deposits checks should be considering.
The Importance of Estate Planning
By John Hanson, Attorney at Law
As people age, they become more vulnerable. Mental and physical issues, such as illness and dementia-related problems can arise. In order to plan their estate, a person must have the mental capacity to approve and sign estate-planning documents. Once a person becomes incapacitated, it is often too late to plan.
Know What You're Getting - Five Handy Tips on Using IP Assets as Collateral
by Terry Church, J. D. - Morgan Miller Blair
As we progress further into the Information Age, the value paradigm is changing. Businesses are more and more building value based on their intellectual property assets. Such intangible assets have immense value and can offer a ready source of collateral for loans and other debts. It is to the advantage of all parties to a credit transaction to understand some facts about using intellectual property assets as collateral.
What Are Those "C's" Again?
By Rick Wise, Executive Vice President Scott Valley Bank
Bankers ask a lot of questions…at least good bankers do. And prudent clients ask a lot of questions…at least they should.  A banker should welcome client questions because open communication makes for a good relationship.  A healthy exchange of information enables the banker to recommend appropriate products to meet the client’s needs. Read More...

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