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Virtual Cash in My Virtual Wallet
by Daniel A. Northway - EVP, Chief Financial Officer, Scott Valley Bank
About a year ago, I wrote an article for this publication about the Next Big Thing in mobile payments: the "virtual wallet".  Today, I can report that virtual wallets are still coming, still being developed and improved, and still Ė albeit ever so slowly Ė being adopted by the public.
by Mary Scala, VP/Human Resources Manager, Scott Valley Bank
Why would any company enable substandard performance? It is human nature just to let some things go; no one likes confrontation. On the surface, it often seems easier just to do the task yourself. However, if you donít train your employees and hold them accountable for their performance, youíll not only deprive them of the opportunity to learn and grow, youíll constantly be doing or re-doing their work and wonít have time to take care of your own responsibilities.
Top Four Things Employers Should Know About Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)
by Jill Shorten, CIC, AAI, CRM, Leavitt Group - Professional Liability Practice Leader, Business Insurance
Itís true . . . every employer is at risk.  An employer can do everything right and still be hit with an employment-related lawsuit.  Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) is critical to protecting employers from unforeseen defense expensesówhich can add up fast and have a significantly negative effect on the employerís bottom line.

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