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"It has been my observation that most people get ahead during the time that others waste."
                                                                                                         Henry Ford

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Credit Unions vs Banks
by Bill Haden, SVP / Business Banking Group Manager, Scott Valley Bank
As business people, we should be aware of changes taking place in our industry. We should examine patterns or shifts as they occur and be aware of new competitive pressures. Simply, it is foolish to ignore our rivals and not recognize steps that we may need to take to stay viable in the markets we serve. This applies to all business segments. We should be prepared to analyze what our competitors are doing well and not let our egos get in the way of good business decisions. None of us should get accustomed to looking at things the same old way and hope to prosper.
Time Management for your Small Business
Time is like money in that you can only spend it once. If youre not spending your time in the best interest of your business, perhaps some time management tips will help. Time management is best defined as a systematic prioritization of tasks and competing demands to reduce distractions and to enable you to complete the most important tasks within a target timeframe. Read More...
Less is More
by Allan Weisbard LCSW, LLC
Since we have presented an article on time management this issue, wed like to also share with you thoughts from Allan Weisbard, Licensed Clinical Social Worker from Ashland, Oregon, who reminds us that the best way to get more done may just be to spend more time doing less. . .
Its a Visual World. Do you need design help?
by Val Jereb, VP / Director of Marketing, Scott Valley Bank
It has become increasingly simple to create and maintain a website and produce your own graphics materials for your business. After all, who knows better than you do what youd like to communicate?  Sure, you can do all this, but how well will it serve your goals? Does your work carry the impact you intend? Is your branding consistently apparent and consistently applied? Might you be setting yourself up for costly mistakes? And, are you making the best use of your own time and talents?

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